Ready to Buy an Investment Property?

Six times more millionaires are made in a down market.

Why, they buy low, and sell high. We all know this but the newspapers won’t be putting this on the front page of the paper and most people are just too scared to jump in.

Why, because no one else is doing it. Remember 2006, everyone was buying, it was the smart thing to do yet, if you bought in 2006 you most likely are so under water on that investment that it may never make a profit.

Let us be your trusted advisor. Let us find that diamond in the rough, that once in a lifetime deal, that one property with huge upside. Now every investors needs are different ad we will sit down with you and help you build a property portfolio that fits those needs. Some investors want the quick flip, long term equity gain or immediate positive cash flow. For the first time ever in Arizona history, these are all possible. Real Estate investment is still the most likely vehicle to make you a fortune.

Don’t follow the crowd, let us help you rise above it!
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Short Sale Education

Our goals in short-selling your home is:

  • Take the burden off you
  • We talk to the bank on your behalf
  • Keep you out of foreclosure
  • Reduce your financial hardship
  • Do this at little or no cost to you
  • Sell your home in As-Is condition
  • Have you lender pay the commissions and closing costs to get your home sold
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Meet our team

By offering you a group of real estate agents to work with, we can provide you a piece of mind that you will always be made a priority.

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Looking to become a real estate investor, and don't know where to start? Contact Joe Pascale at the Pascale Group and let him explain your options.

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